Guild Wars 2′s 2013 schedule detailed

Guild Wars 2′s 2013 schedule detailed

ArenaNet has released new details regarding its widely successful MMO, Guild Wars 2. Apparently, lots of changes are coming, through the “Living World” system, which brings new content to the game each two weeks.

To start with, all crafting professions will rise from 400 to 500, letting you craft ascended gear, once per day, by combining high and low-tier materials. Opponents of the Champion tier will be guaranteed to drop reward boxes containing materials, skill points, skins and lodestones. Plus, you’ll be able to get account-bound materials from completing in-game achievements.

New types of legendary gear and weapons will also make their appearance, with players having the ability to craft Precursor items for them. Legendary items’ stats will be able to be changed outside of combat without transmuting, and they will remain as powerful as your ascended gear. Also, “Magic Find” will be account-wide instead of character-based, and will be raised through consumables.

Game director Colin Johanson says that “your character will be able to grow and change for years to come without invalidating everything you’ve earned so far,”, letting us know that new skills and traits will make an appearance, achieveable through WVW and PVE play, and there will be new ways to add skill points as well.

PvP queues, leaderboards for both solo and team play, new map types, legendary PvP skins and additional rewards for competitive tournaments are coming, too, plus Year One PvP Championship will be hosted at PAX, aided by ArenaNet and NCSoft.

Are you ready about what’s on the map for Guild Wars 2?

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