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Killer Instinct On Xbox One Will Utilize Kinect And Make The Experience Better, Microsoft Says

Killer Instinct On Xbox One Will Utilize Kinect And Make The Experience Better, Microsoft Says

Give it a little while, and Kinect will know everything about you – your likes and dislikes, and will queue your game settings to your preference, Microsoft says. The talk becomes a reality in Killer Instinct for Xbox One, where, according to Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen, the motion sensor will make the process of setting up tournaments, both online and off, a more streamlined process.

That’s what Isgreen said in an interview with IGN at EVO, adding that Kinect integration will allow players to simply “start and go”.

We want to have features to set up tournaments with your friends.

Say there are eight of you and you just start sitting down. I know a lot of people are like, ah, the Kinect camera in the room, I’m scared! But the coolness of being able to sit down, the controller pairs itself to you when you pick it up. It knows your buttons. It knows how you like to play. It knows what characters you want to play.

You can just say Start, and go. It knows who you are in the tournament bracket, so it will just automatically do the matches correctly.

If you have a character you love, it might primary select that character already. Your buttons are already configured based on you picking up that controller. It knows it’s you, so it can do the leaderboards correctly. All that’s possible on Xbox One – mid-fight, too.

So, here, you play, you give me your controller, it reconfigures it to me.

Isgreen continued, adding that Kinect will immediately benefit fighting game fans who enjoy hosting tournaments, with or without an internet connection.

There are a lot of neat features we can start to do that you can’t do right now. We can’t do that without having those kind of things built into the box. That’s one of the reasons we’ve kept them in. There is a lot of really cool stuff coming for it. Those are the kind of features we want to uphold for tournaments, online or offline. It’s going to be a big push for us.

Killer Instinct, developed by Double Helix, is a downloadable launch title due out this November. Four characters have been confirmed: Jago, Sabre Wulf, Glacius and Chief Thunder.

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  • Crash Ōkami

    I don’t know, it seems wrong. Rare is working on Kinectimals, while Double Helix gets Killer Instict? They’re over-using the “combo breaker” for the sake of it (internet fame y’all!), and all the fighters do miniscule amounts of damage, fights seem like they’re going on forever. Injustice was something new for me, but I think I’ll pass with this one.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yeah, I simply don’t like what MS has done to RARE. RARE should be the ones developing this game because that’s what they do, or used to do. MS has turned the studio into a casual house.