Tuesday, March 25, 2014
“Guild Wars could last forever”, says ArenaNet

“Guild Wars could last forever”, says ArenaNet

“Oh absolutely not,” says lead content designer Mike Zadorojny when asked by Eurogamer.net if they’re planning to drop support for 8-year-old MMO, Guild Wars.

“The game itself was so efficient on the server side in terms of the resources, like, it runs on a fraction of the hardware that we need for running Guild Wars 2, so having that on the back-burner is nothing compared to GW2.

“There’s still a community there that’s really passionate and really thriving in there, so we want to support them as best we can.”

He has, however, pointed out that the team supporting the game is of a miniature size, so the players can’t really expect new content to drop.

“We’ve been doing a lot of automation support so that the game itself could last forever, even without anybody really touching it.”

“They’re not necessarily making new content right now but there is a team that is monitoring if there are massive issues they’re taken care of, and they’re supporting them.”

In 2009, Guild Wars, along with its add-ons and expansions, had sold more than 6 million units, an incredible feat for  the five-man team that created it in an apartment. It was also the fuel that made NCSoft invest a ton of money for MMO colossus Guild Wars 2, which came out last year.

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