Friday, January 9, 2015
Rumor: GameStop Stops Taking Xbox One Preorders

Rumor: GameStop Stops Taking Xbox One Preorders

Reports on twitter are claiming that GameStop is no longer taking preorders for Xbox One, giving credence to a recent rumor that claimed employees of the ubiquitous games retailer were highlighting PS4 instead of Xbox One, as the latter console’s used games policy threatens the very foundation of its business.

The whispers have been everywhere, some even claiming that the Xbox One not being available at GameStop has nothing to do with its DRM policies, but rather Xbox One’s ESRAM yield problems. In essence, development of the console may have been stymied because of internal problems, forcing Microsoft to minimize the amount of consoles it can produce during the holiday season.

Here are some tweets:

Another guy chimed in to confirm Shane’s tweet:


So which is it, then. Is Microsoft struggling to produce enough Xbox Ones for the holiday season, or is the firm now at war with GameStop over its used games policy?
We’ll know for sure soon enough.

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  • Roxas3510

    Or it’s because they’ve run out of pre-orders. That’s what I was told from many Gamestop retailers. All of the available Xbox Ones they had for pre-order have already been pre-ordered.

  • Joseph King

    It’s not the yield problem confirmed by Phil Spencer

  • Joseph King

    @XboxP3: @Airgangstarr No yield problems.

  • Benzo

    Online preorders still happening and my local GS is still taking preorders when they get a new allotment. Manager stated that MS doesnt want another issue with supply such as what happened with the 360. It may not be that MS cant fill preorders, it may just be that new allotment number arrive daily. Lets calm with the conspiracy theory that Gamestop wants MS to flop…

  • ernicegilbert

    Happy you asked about it, Benzo.