Monday, February 2, 2015
Xbox One May Face Hardware Problems Because Of Upclocks

Xbox One May Face Hardware Problems Because Of Upclocks

Microsoft, realizing that PS4 is vastly more powerful than Xbox One, took the risk of upclocking Xbox One’s CPU and GPU output, and now, according to NeoGAF insider CBOAT, who apparently works at Microsoft, we can expect most of Xbox One games to run at 720p – 900p, and that there are issues with the console’s hardware.

According to CBOAT, “there’s risk everywhere”, speaking about the Xbox One. And that when the console is released in November, we all will see what he’s been talking about. In fact, CBOAT says the Xbox One division is “nuts” at the moment, and cast the blame on Microsoft choosing to release Xbox One this year, when it was originally scheduled to be launched in 2014.

Here are his quotes, all translated by numerous NeoGAF members, since CBOAT writes his posts on the forum cryptically, so that his identity isn’t compromised.

I am shocked at this surprise. I truly am.

BTW I hope you aren’t fans of 1080p on Xbox One. When the hardware is out in the wild you will see what I meant about issues. Upclocks too. Risk everywhere. This place is nuts. 2014 was a better plan.

He added:

I never mentioned Forza not being 1080p.

They should be able to make it. But, exception and not the rule though. Through this gen, never mind trying to match eyecandy. Thanks to the ESRAM, 720p-900p will be the norm on the XOne.

You watch.

You just watch.

Why this is news-worthy is because CBOAT has been very accurate on almost everything he puts out there. So while this should be read with caution, it still doesn’t bode well for Microsoft. Xbox One sees a release on November 22nd in the U.S. and some parts of Europe.

PS4 launches on November 15th in the U.S., and on the 29th of the same month in Europe.

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  • JuanCabrera

    If this is true, then 8th generation won’t be as long as 7th generation was for Microsoft.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Honestly how dumb do you think microsoft is? the last thing they want is another xbox failure like red ring of death. If the console wasn’t ready they wouldn’t release it. I can’t wait for the console to release so people stop making this dumb shit up for views and to get people flooding to their articles. Xbox One hate gets attention, that’s all this is. I trust in microsoft and I can’t wait to get my xbox one.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    If any console will suffer problems it’s ps4. All that horsepower is such a small case, internal psu, no surge protection. I would be so happy to see that overhyped cheap piece of shit get in teh hands of everyone then just start failing, lol at how butthurt millions would be, the people that trashed xbox one, how fucking stupid they would look..

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    “PS4 is vastly more powerful than Xbox One” lol no it isn’t…

  • afrpain

    angry.. stereo.. just read the articles just for entertainment tht is my advice to you… dont take it to the heart… they will both have their perks… just get one or both n judge for yourself…
    AM OUT

  • Cboatstrfmhmphwoohoo

    How can CBOAT typing like he’s suffered a stroke hide his identity?

  • Outsider524

    Using CBOAT, or any of Neogaf at this point, as a source is akin to using Wikipedia in a published research paper. Since journalists on most of these sites forget how to actually corroborate their sources and evidence, let me give you a short list of the many “inside details” this “insider” has given: he stated with 100% certainty that MS would cancel the Xbox One entirely in September (didn’t happen), he stated that the family sharing- while it was in existence- was merely an hour long demo which multiple developers even confirmed that wasn’t the case, he stated that the X1 was actually downclocking all production units days before MS came out to unveil CPU and GPU upclocks (the fact that he was so supremely wrong is probably the basis for such asinine antics as of late), and many more.

    More importantly to what he said, it should be noted that unlike the competition, the X1 is built with its entire SoC underneath one of the largest fans on a consumer device, with its PSU OUTSIDE of the chassis. This means much less heat inside the box, and equally as importantly, it should be noted that those of us who over clock on our PCs know that today’s chips can safely be OCed 20% with much less sophisticated cooling schemes. Conversely, look at the PS4 which has no large-scale ventilation and an internal PSU, thus making CBOAT’s claims far more likely to be accurate for the latter system. In addition, while resolution itself is far less important than the grand scheme of an engine, it’s important to note that X1 has done a far greater job of maintaining higher fidelity visuals paired with higher resolutions: Forza is 1080p/60 FPS constantly whereas Killzone:SF is 1080p but fails to retain solid 60FPS according to Guerrilla; Ryse while 900p features far greater quality visuals than Driveclub, which not only is sub-1080p but is struggling to maintain even 30FPS. But don’t just take my word for it; I back up my information, as Gamespot, IGN, Eurogamer, and many other sites gave the Xbox One exclusives the graphics awards during E3, Gamescom, and most recently the Eurogamer Expo (both critics and fan attendees alike). More importantly, Tim Sweeney and John Carmack both said that the Xbox One and PS4 are nearly the same in terms of capabilities (and that was before MS’s upgrades to the X1), and I have far more faith in the word of proven industry figureheads than the word of some internet twat whose been proven wrong the majority of the time.

    This horrendous excuse of journalism is the primary reason I’m ashamed to call myself a knowledgable gamer, because instead of speaking to each other about how wondrous it is to be in this age where much of what we can imagine can become reality in the virtual sense, it is spent disproving biased, flame-baiting fallacies and poor excuses of journalism as this. What ever happened to journalistic integrity and accountability? I do this as a side job and have done far more research and verification than you.

  • Georg Dirr

    Won’t be long till we see some benchmarks. Ps4 has a third more shaders and has faster memory. Stick that in your brain.

  • L0gicalGamer

    Hah, this article was spot-on after all.