Tuesday, September 9, 2014
The Evil Within Previews And Screenshots

The Evil Within Previews And Screenshots

Get ready to be scared. Very scared. Crap your pants scared even. Previews and screenshots of Bethesda and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami below the break.

Eurogamer -







Eurogamer concluded:

And there the demo ends. It’s certainly as pure as survival horror gets, with an emphasis on keeping the player vulnerable and outmatched, plus the obligatory side order of confusing mind games and grisly gross stuff. For fans who have been left unsatisfied by recent entries in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises, this definitely seems like it’ll tick all the right boxes.

It would be good to see some hint that there’s more to The Evil Within than what’s being shown, however. When Mikami made his name with Resident Evil, he did so not by giving players something they expected, but something they didn’t. The Evil Within, by contrast, seems to be designed to give players exactly what they want. With the grass roots success of minimalist games like Amnesia and Slender, it just feels that the cutting edge of horror gaming has moved on from the template so lovingly being revived here. If this is truly to be Mikami’s final game as director, it would be nice if he could leave horror gaming with a truly terrifying new benchmark to aspire to, not one last victory lap inspired by past glories.



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