Sunday, April 14, 2013
Ryse Is Next Xbox Halo/Gears of War, Forza 5 Also Coming

Ryse Is Next Xbox Halo/Gears of War, Forza 5 Also Coming

As Microsoft continues to let slip news of its next Xbox to stall the armada of bad news the yet to be unveiled console has been receiving, tech site The Verge has been told by unnamed sources that the next Xbox will launch with Ryse, a title Microsoft is positioning as the next Halo/Gears of War.

The site’s sources said “that Crytek, along with Microsoft Studios, has been rewriting the game to take advantage of its next-generation console, due later this year.”

Ryse is designed to be Microsoft’s new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title. It’s set in the Roman Empire period and uses deep Kinect integration to allow players to slash and kick at enemies.

Ryse will take advantage of the new body tracking improvements in the next Kinect sensor. Ryse is part of four major launch titles for the next-generation Xbox.

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  • Alex3fleming

    Lets hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as Steel Batallion was

  • Ghost250

    is this still a kinect game?