Sunday, September 7, 2014
FIFA 14 Will Be “Always Online” Game, But Retains Single Player Joys

FIFA 14 Will Be “Always Online” Game, But Retains Single Player Joys

FIFA 14 will go heavy in connectivity, series executive producer David Rutter has made known, however the game will include a solo campaign as they won’t forget the “joys” of single-player.

Speaking to What Culture, Rutter shed some light on some of the upcoming game’s new features.

For someone with a connected console you’re completely connected with the EA Sports Football Club component of the game now. Everything you do in the game counts towards your level, you can see what your mates have been up to.

We’re delivering data updates on professional players and injecting challenges from real matches. You can download an App to keep track of your EASFC stuff, and manage your Ultimate Team too from the bus or workplace. You’re right – it’ll get even more like this in the next few years.

On the game’s single-player portion, he said.

I think this is because it’s an excellent experience, and also because it’s sometimes a major hassle hooking up with your mates online to play head to head or the people online are quitting/cheating/beating you up. We’re working on that too.

For FIFA we’re already really pretty broad. single player, co-op, competitive multiplayer, ranked, unranked, career, and all locked to a player or as any player, across a massive comprehensive set of players, teams and leagues. It’s a huge game.

Our biggest features in the last three years have probably come from ‘deep’. I think deep is what gets the 90+ ratings and the fans eager, but you can’t be too narrow. Our fans have really diverse tastes in modes and we need to cater to that.

FIFA 14 will be released on current and next-generation platforms later this year.

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  • foxton

    Well if its a permanently online game theybest sort out their servers!! FIFA 13 are the worst ever and are still ridiculously buggy now nearly 6 months on and several updates later. Tbh nothing he mentioned there is any different to what you do on FIFA 13.
    and has it been confirmed that it will be available onboth generations?! with ps4 not coming out until dec jan time and FIFA 14 comin out late september i wouldnt of thought thtey would bother with next gen FIFA till FIFA15

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: It’s coming to next-gen systems bro. It’s been hinted at by EA on many accounts. Also, it’s been spotted on Amazon Germany as a PS4 title.