Saturday, September 6, 2014
Sony To Ship 16 Million PS4s in 2013 – Report

Sony To Ship 16 Million PS4s in 2013 – Report

A new report claims Sony is looking to ship 16 million PS4 units this year, a report, if true, that points towards a worldwide launch for the console.

According to Digitimes, sources from PS4 component makers have revealed the ambitious goals of Sony:

The sources pointed out that the PS4 will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) and Pegatron Technology, and the player have just begun the processes of request for quotation (RFQ) for the related components. Therefore, the component shipments are unlikely to start until August, but should allow the machine to show up before the year-end holidays in 2013.

Sony has sold a total of 150 million Playstation 2s and 100 million Playstations and has shipped 77 million Playstation 3s over the past seven years, according to Digitimes.

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  • nick

    that does not necessarily mean it will be a worldwide launch.
    and it says ship not sell, so thats probably the exact reason why there only releasing in the US and JP this year, they want to have a big release in those markets and ensure they will not have supply issues.
    i really cant see either M$ or $ony release a console worldwide same date, its just such a headache!
    as long as the ps4 is region free, allows for multiple region PSN accounts per console, and releases in the US this year im happy.
    it will probably be cheaper for me that way, especially considering the ridiculously inflated prices we cop!
    and people complain about having to pay 600 for the 60GB ps3, take a cookie from our jar we had to pay 1K!
    and i wouldent be surprised to see the ps4 being significantly more expensive here as well.
    as long as i can import the ps4 from the US and it arrives before december this year, i can run both my US and AU PSN account on it, and i can run both US and AU games on it, im happy.
    basically exactly what the ps3 offered.

  • Dean Kent

    sony to release in japan an US this year and Microsoft to release in America and europe this year.
    the new xbox will get a foothold in europe for at least this holiday period.

    just my opinion