Friday, September 12, 2014
PS4 To Boast 4K Movie Service

PS4 To Boast 4K Movie Service

Download file sizes will be over 100GB.

COO Phil Molyneux has made known to The Verge that Sony’s planned 4K TV service will make its way onto PlayStation 4, however the executive couldn’t speak further on the company’s plans.

“We’ll give you more details in due course, but I promise you will not be disappointed,” said Molyneux when asked about the service coming to the new console.

4K however, isn’t your average high-definition service, with all files coming in at over 100GB, and will be severely hampered by current internet speeds. And as it stands now, digital will be 4K’s only means of distribution, as the creation of physical media remains undecided.

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  • Ghost250

    yayyy i guess those 10 people who own 4k TVs must be happy

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: So true bro. Who’s gonna use that? Nice tech yeah… But way into the future imo.

  • Alex Mason

    1080P is just enough for me.

  • Ghost250

    @ernice dude you are not kidding talk about way into the future past the next next gen. 4k tvs cost like 20,000 dollars there is no way those tvs are gonna drop in price where any consumer can buy in 7 yrs. just not happening. this is what i was talking about when sony fails because they say they are about the true gamer but yet add stuff to the system which is virtually useless to not only gamers but most consumers in general. instead of keeping something like backwards compatibility that gamers will use.

  • nick

    you would be surprised.
    when i was in brisbane in jan this year there was a customer at the $ony store buying there 25K 4K TV!
    they have actually sold out of them there selling that well!