Saturday, September 6, 2014
Microsoft: “PS3 Isn’t A Good Entertainment Console”

Microsoft: “PS3 Isn’t A Good Entertainment Console”

According to Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the firm’s Interactive Entertainment Business, speaking at AllThingsDigital’s D:Dive conference, Xbox 360 (and future boxes) is no longer a games console, but rather an “entertainment console”, a transition that’s rapidly occurred in recent years.

He also said that Sony’s PlayStation 3 “isn’t as good of an entertainment console” — something he feels that “everybody knows” — and insinuated that the next-generation Xbox will stick to “big and premium.” Mehdi wants to ensure that the future of Xbox enables voice control, interactivity, and “other stuff that’s big and beautiful.”

Microsoft is also planning to create its own shows, a la Amazon and Netflix, but reaffirmed its dedication to bringing Xbox Live users great content from existing partners and content creators.

Sony, meanwhile, will announce PlayStation 4, and what the firm has in store for the next-gen console, next Wednesday.

Thanks, Engadget.

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  • Wolf1888

    Well, that was pretentious.

  • Alex Mason

    Oh god, I can’t stop laughing. The PS3 is always going to be better for me than Xbox 720.

    Now for next-gen? Lets wait and see.

  • nick

    who cares, consoles are not suppose to be entertainment machines there suppose to be gaming consoles!
    sigh, one thing i FUCKING HATE about the world today is everyone has to be a me too!
    look at computers, phones, tablets, consoles, handhelds, whats the difference?
    size, price, thats about it!
    what can i do on my PC i cant do on my tablet?
    everything has become a melding into everything else, its become a case where you dont want to buy anything anymore simply because nothing does anything new!
    hell, ford were at CES this year and their focus was a new touch screen so you can use social media sites.
    no new amazing propultion system, no techniques to solve global warming, no new amazing fuel to replace petrol, fucking facebook!
    yea, thats what i REALLY need in my car!
    someone, please, send me back to the 1970s!
    at least then there was progression and ambition in the world!
    none of this me too nonsense.

  • Ghost250

    it may do well on other forms of entertainment but the xbox freaking SUCKS as gaming console. it barely has any exclusives and the exclusives they do put out is the same old regurgitated franchises. you have to pay for online, they didn’t even have the fortitude to have built in Wi-Fi it took them four years to finally have put in the xbox while sony had that day 1!! AN oh boy lets not forget the RROD, what about the stupid timed exclusive DLC trend they started GTA IV yeah thanks microshit. not to mention they’ve been holding gaming back because of the stupid choice to go with DVD’s as a format. EX: 80 hrs of content cut from FFXIII, if it wasn’t for microsoft that game probably would have been better than the shit pile we got. the only thing that console can barely do right is online and PSN isn’t that far behind considering the late start sony had with their online infrastructure. if the PS3 didn’t release a year later, we wouldn’t even be talking about the 360 right now. but i find it funny that the PS3 is outselling the 360 even though according to microsoft the PS3 is not a good entertainment console. i will never buy another microsoft console ever, because when i did have a 360 it was nothing but a paperweight that streams netflix.

  • Wolf1888

    @Ghost: Couldn’t agree more.