Monday, July 7, 2014

PS All-Stars Battle Royale Reviews Are Live – Weighed In The Water

The verdicts for PlayStation’s version of Super Smash Bros. has arrived, and according to reviewers… well it depends on who you ask, the game’s either a must-have or mediocre. Reviews can be so confusing sometimes. Scores inside.

IGN – 8/10 (PS3/PS Vita)

Kotaku – Yes (PS3)

Eurogamer – 7 (PS3)

Game Trailers 7.3/10 (PS3)

Videogamer – 6/10 (PS3)

Destructoid – 9/10 (PS3)

GameInformer – 7.5/10 (PS3)

GamesRadar – 7/10 (PS3)

TSA – 9/10 (PS3/PS Vita)

CVG – 6.8/10 (PS3)

Video Thirst: IGN’s Review:

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  • nick

    eh, better than what i was expecting.
    still should not of made it though, i mean imagine what $ony could of done with all the time and money they put into this.
    expand sony bend studios, have one team dedicated to vita and one team dedicated to home consoles, put syphon filter 4 into production as both a ps4 and vita title!
    yea, pretty sure that would of brought in a shit ton more revenue than this.
    or even throw a empty sack at vendi, buy back the crash bandicoot license, and say here you go ND, heres the license, heres a ps4 dev kit, now go have some fun!
    that would of brought a metric shit ton more revenue than this!

  • Baran Altuncu

    I think If I get the money I might actually buy the game, I’m actually going to buy COD now because every one on Reddit actually says the game is great and reviewers are just trashing it too much. Expect a review when I get the game guys!

  • foxton

    you and your bloody crash bandicoot nick! Crash is dead in the water, and it would NOT make a “metric shit ton” more cash.
    Instead of going on and on about what sony should of done and what they shouldnt of done and trying to show off your knowledge why dont you just stick with what the topic is saying.
    When we all first heard about this game i think the general consensus was that everyone was pretty excited about the game. I think they have not wasted their money at all, and infact have shown all their special carachters that have made sony a success all in one place for fans of sony to have a laugh with. Yes its more of a novelty idea, but an idea alot of sony fan boys will warm to. It wont be a huge seller but i thin it will hold its own thats for sure.
    I personally didnt think much of the beta but considering the reviews and the lack of other games out on the market at the moment i think im gonna give this game a try when it comes out, depending on the price. If it comes out at £40 like most new games then i wont bother, i cant see this game having much lastibility and the game isnt that deep.

  • nick

    just because you dont care about crash does not mean no one does.
    hell, open your fucking eyes dude every single time there was a article on this on the blog people were complaining about the lack of crash.
    even on facebook.
    every 5 minutes theres someone tweeting asking wheres crash why is he not in the game.
    a new crash game would of sold WAY better than this!
    this is going to blow up in $onys face, just like every other crappy kids game has!
    they spent a arm and a leg on sorcery, and thats been such a massive success!
    .12M units sold worldwide, wow thats earth shattering!
    $ony has released so many crappy kids games, and they have all blown up in their face.
    i really thought they would of learnt their lesson by now, but i guess their too ignorant and arrogant to see whats right in front of their face!
    one day they will learn their not nintendo, but not until pigs fly, WW5 is over and the human race is moved to mars.

  • Baran Altuncu

    @foxton: listen to nick. :D

  • foxton

    listening to Nick is something that i will not do, unless he speaks sense of course, but i doubt that will ever happen :) im gonna go on twitter now and search #crashbandicoot and see if their really is a tweet every 5 minutes…..

  • foxton

    nick just because you dont care about this game doesnt mean no one does. why dont you start listening to your own advice for once and stop bashing everyone else. You say people on here are so hypocrytical, well no one, i repeat no one is nowhere near as hypocritical as you!!!

  • nick

    and where did i say no one does?
    jesus tap dancing christ dude that is exactly my point!
    i said a crash bandicoot game would sell better than this, for that to happen it actually has to sell!
    christ, never met someone so thick!
    i must be speaking chinese or something.

  • foxton

    are you actually saying i am the thickest person you’ve met? well for a start youve never met me so who’s the thick one now!!! what a idiot.
    all i did was reiterate what you said.
    “just because you dont care about crash does not mean no one does”
    “nick just because you dont care about this game doesnt mean no one does”
    so how does me turning round what you said to me to put it in the exact same context about what i said to you make me thick????
    Jesus christ you aussies really are all the thick dregs from the U.K. that no one wanted. I thought survival of the fittest would of weend your type out by now, but clearly not…..

  • Baran Altuncu

    Guys guys, eat some cake, stop fighting, everyone has their own opinions, and be fucking awesome for the rest of the day.

  • narwall14

    why not some pie ?

  • Baran Altuncu

    Why not Zoidberg?

  • Wolf1888

    ………….Hum hum.

    These reviews made me buy it. I bought it 3 days ago, and I must say, I love it. I don’t know if that’ll make me judged, but whatever. I’ve been playing it online, solo, with my friend, etc, and it’s a blast.
    It’s just my opinion though.

  • foxton

    i have to say i am very tempted to buy it, will probably get it this weekend. Although i thought the beta was dissapointing i reckon this could be fun with a couple of mates. its only £26 so may aswell give it a try

  • Wolf1888

    I actually bought it without thinking too much about it, I didn’t watch that much the trailers, never played the beta, nor the demo (I don’t even know if there is one), I just saw the reviews and bought it. On PlaystationStore it was $60, which is pretty much the price a of freshly released brand new game, so not that cheap… I had doubts because of that, but now that I have it, I think it was worth it.