Thursday, January 29, 2015
Almost All Vita Owners Have A PS3, Sony Says

Almost All Vita Owners Have A PS3, Sony Says

If you are a PS Vita owner, then you most likely own a PS3 too. And since that’s the reality, you won’t be needing a Wii U, Sony reckons, because PS3 and Vita can do what Wii U is offering “quite easily”.

While the company is keeping numbers to itself, Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing VP John Koller told Endgadget that “you look at the Vita consumer and a very high percentage – almost all of them – own a PS3″.

So you see that crossover works.

He added, taking a dig at Wii U, that there’s no need to own a Wii U if you are a PS3 owner. All one must do is buy PS Vita.

We tell our PlayStation fans all the time that what the Wii U is offering is something that Vita and PS3 can do quite easily.

Koller concluded, however, that it was more about content than it was functionality, knowing full well PlayStation, as of now, is dominating in software diversity.

It’s dependent on the content. So we need to make sure the content isn’t force fed and, to us, making sure that the gamer receives the right type of experience is what’s most important. So we’re gonna pick our spots, but that technology does certainly exist here.

Sony’s most boastful Vita/PS3 compatibility will be demonstrated with LittleBigPlanet Vita and its Cross Controller DLC, which will bring a plethora of new levels that make use of the Vita’s touch screen.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    That is kind of true, I do own a PS3 and a Vita, but for the Wii U it’s 300$ for a system and a tablet screen. For you to have the same experience with Sony you have to pay for a PS3 and a Vita Which is around 500-600. Or 700-800 for initial buyers of the Playstation. XD

  • nick

    so the ps3 and vita can do in game web browser can they………?
    seriously, how hasent $ony been sued for false advertisement yet!
    oh sorry forgot, $ony is above the law!
    there like apple, they can only sue people they cant be sued back!

    ps3 and vita may be able to do things the wiiu does, but theres 2 problems with that.
    1 wiiu is 430 bucks.
    vita alone, forget the ps3, vita alone is 400 bucks!
    so……. you were saying $ony?
    when you offer a ps3 and vita bundle, when you offer wiiu functionality, for wiiu price, then you can start waving it about.
    problem number 2 is unlike ninty, $ony is VERY poor with supporting its features!
    yes you can play ps3 games on the vitas screen just like the wiiu can.
    but how many games offer that?
    biggest problem $ony has always had is they wave their line around saying we CAN do this, we CAN do that, but the problem is they never ACTUALLY do it!
    they spend forever putting capabilities into their system, than leave it up to the developers to actually use it!
    unless you force developers to implement it no one will, they already have enough on their plate!
    in game music support for instance, ps3 CAN do it, but how many games actually DO support it!?
    exactly the problem, $ony CAN do it but they DONT!
    so the ps3 and vita may be able to do SOME of the features the wiiu does, but how often, how well?
    and at what price?