Thursday, September 4, 2014
Fuse: new Insomniac IP?

Fuse: new Insomniac IP?

During Ted Price’s keynote at PAX, who is the president and CEO of Insomniac, he revealed a new screenshot, the one above. It is apparently from a game named “Fuse”, but apart from a website with a clock counting down to about 11 days from now, we have nothing on it.

Are you excited about something new from Insomniac? There’s also Overstrike coming out next year, a squad-based third-person shooter, from what we’ve seen so far, which reminds us of The Incredibles in a way.

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  • nick

    a new IP?
    why would you announce a new IP, when your new IP you just announced last year you have not said boo about!?
    i hope this is a mistake, or overstrikes been renamed.
    otherwise insomniac is going to have ALLOT of pissed off fans to answer too!
    first they destroy R&C, than they desert resistance, then they desert $ony, and now this?
    what the ^&%$# are you doing to your company ted!?

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Actually, Resistance is a Sony-owned IP. R&C is good, just not what it used to be. And Overstrike, they never gave a real window, so I can accept this being a new IP for early 2013, and Overstrike a late 2013 IP. We don’t know how long they’ve been developing either.

  • nick

    just does not seem right announcing a game, than saying nothing for a year, than announcing a new game.
    and as for resistance just because its owned by $ony does not mean insomniac did not kill it!
    im sure $ony would of been more than happy for a new reisistance game, but its quite clear insomniacs done with that series.
    as for R&C, this generations ones have been just as good if not better!
    obviously discounting all for one.
    ACIT in fact is probably the best one they have made!
    has by far the best story i really started crying towards the end!
    the gameplay was by far the best, especially with the weapon mods with the raretanium.
    not to mention all the mini games and collectibles you could find.
    and the clank puzzles were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!

    best R&C game, and one of the best games of this generation!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Insomniac wants to move on as it seems, and try other platforms and games.

  • Ghost250

    Fuse Is Ovestrike nick. they confirmed it at PAX