Saturday, September 6, 2014
Black Ops 2 Announces Live-Streaming, League Play, and More!

Black Ops 2 Announces Live-Streaming, League Play, and More!

Looks like there was some truth in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leak that was reported last week, in particular the live streaming and class creation sections.

Treyarch has just announced that when Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases in November it will have live streaming for all of the systems its released on. What this means is that with a click of a button players will be able to broadcast their games to the internet live. If you’d rather watch a game, there is also the option of ‘Shoutcast’. In Shoutcast mode, players can find any current match, and watch it live from several display options. Shoutcasters can also act as commentators for a live match, and add commentary to saved games in Theatre mode.

The new class creation system was revealed as well, replacing the old system with a ‘Pick 10′ point based structure. Players will now be able to barter points for perks, weapons, and their respective attachments; you will be limited to ten points. Players can spend these points in any way they desire. For example, players can spend all of their points buying perks as opposed to weapons, leaving them to scavenge for guns on the battlefield. Players can also purchase Wildcards for points. Wildcards allow players to give them atypical abilities, such as carrying extra grenades, or having three attachments on a gun. To ensure balance there will be a restricted amount of spaces available for Wildcards.

Aside from confirmations of the rumors, Kill Streaks were also announced to be replaced in favor of “Score Streaks.” With Score Streaks, each reward has a numerical value associated with it, which players can reach by carrying out different actions. So as opposed to needing five kills to attain a predator missile, players can instead do actions that will lead to getting 500 points. For example a player can kill two people, assists two allies, and pick up and then capture the enemy’s flag, which will give them 500 points and subsequently the predator missile.

There will also be a league system named “League Play” introduced, placing players of similar skill levels to be placed within the same division. To advance to tougher divisions one will need to win matches. The system is also designed to punish players who leave matches often, and purposely try to play in division’s lower than their skill level.

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