Saturday, January 31, 2015
EA Toned Down Dead Space 3 Because Of You

EA Toned Down Dead Space 3 Because Of You

The first and second games scared you too much, and you also wanted someone to play along with, so Dead Space 3 will have more action and less horror. It’ll also feature cooperative play.

The decisions were made after EA did some research and got the aforementioned results. The publisher’s marketing boss Laura Miele said they wanted to bring the game to more consumers, so they asked for feedback and the data don’t lie.

“We were hearing feedback that they love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone. So we introduced co-op into the game,” she said.

“The horror of Dead Space is still all there. It’s still true to its roots and no less scary, but people felt far more comfortable playing it with someone else than they did doing it on their own.”

And here I was thinking you were brave.

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  • nick

    this is exactly what i cant understand though.
    i mean come on dead space has NEVER been a scary series!
    these pussies think dead space is scary, id hate to see their reactions to fatal frame, the suffering or even F.E.A.R!
    dead space has always been a psychological thriller.
    tenceful, suspenseful, nerve racking, plays with your mind.
    but never was it scary!

  • Ghost250

    ^ im sorry what? this is coming from the guy who thinks resident evil is scary. im sorry to burst your bubble neither Fatal frame or FEAR are scary, hell they aren’t even good games. some of the most shittest games i’ve ever played imo

  • nick

    that was exactly my point.
    there allot more scary than dead space has ever been.
    christ, do i have to explain EVERYTHING down to a kindergarten level?

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  • Ghost250

    what are you talking about LOL? you didn’t explain anything besides saying fatal frame & FEAR were scarier than dead space, which they are not. hell not even Resident Evil Or Silent Hill are scarier than dead space actually they aren’t scary in general.