Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Quenchables: The Last Guardian Will Ship “When It’s Absolutely Ready”

Quenchables: The Last Guardian Will Ship “When It’s Absolutely Ready”

“I will not give you a detailed update, but I will say one thing and it goes back to innovation and to gamers and to quality. [The Last Guardian] is going to ship when it’s absolutely ready. It’s going to ship at sometime, and it’s going to ship when it’s ready. And I think that’s a really important thing to remember, is that it would be very easy to ship a game when it’s not quite ready because we need to meet a business plan. Gamers are first, and the experiences we provide are first. And that’s why we’re gonna talk about that game when we’re ready to talk about it.” – PlayStation software development boss Scott Rhode speaking to Gamespot.

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  • nick

    in other words we will see it when pigs fly backwards while reciting the national anthem and cooking a 5 star meal!
    not that it matters really, after udea and his lead staff leaving $ony, and this being in development for over 7 years, it had the chances of living up to expectations as much as DNF did!
    time to let it go, sometimes its better for these types of things to never happen.
    god knows that was the case with one of the industries pioneers!


    I don’t think that this game will ever come out but it would be nice to play it. It looked like it could have been a really fun game.