Sunday, May 4, 2014
People Can Fly Working On New Gears Of War

People Can Fly Working On New Gears Of War

People Can Fly, the developer who forged Bulletstorm, is working on the new Gears of War title teased last night.

That’s according to Epic Games president Mike Capps, who made known the news via twitter.

“Do I detect People Can Fly involvement? YES YES YES!” Capps tweeted, in response to a question directed at Bulletstorm creative director Adrian Chmielarz.

“I detect Epic PR team’s heart attack,” Chmielarz said wittily. That message was then deleted.

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  • Ghost250

    Gears 3 hasn’t even been out a full year and now they’re already announcing another entry into the series. how long will M$ continually milk their established franchises (i’m fully aware that M$ doesn’t own Gears but i think we all know they more than likely are funding this game) Halo 4, Gears Of War: Judgement, Fable: The Journey, & Forza Horizon. c’mon now this is ridiculous already how long is it gonna be until people wise up and see M$ is feeding them the same crap over & over & over. not to say that sony doesn’t do the same IE: God Of War, Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance LittleBigPlanet etc. but at least they don’t do it at an alarming rate such as M$, sony knows how to space out development time for a new entry to an established series, but their problem is they suck at advertising.

    well besides what i have said the most obvious thing i can get out of this announcement is the fact this console generation won’t be ending ass soon as we thought it was. i think both M$ & Sony know there is still alot of money to be made with current gen hardware. one can argue that the Wii U is a threat but to be honest i don’t Wii U is gonna do anything to stop the sales of the PS3 and 360 because they already have an established fanbase and library with those two systems. nintendo is gonna have to start from scratch since the wii is outdated. i don’t think they’re even looking at nintendo as a threat tbh.

  • Ghost250

    oh another thing sony is still announcing new IP’s at the same time too something M$ should be doing

  • nick

    disappointed to see people can fly are doing this and not epic themselves.
    not that i dont have confidence in them, just different developers working on new franchises does not normally go well………..
    and suffice to say their work has never been up to gears standards!

  • nick

    further proof next gen systems are further away than we think.

  • Dean Kent

    sorry Nick dont follow your logic here. This seems more like a media streaming device. An XBOX branded tablet which positioned nicely to work alongside the next generation rather than push it back.

  • nick

    its set to release to work with the 360.
    why spend millions in R&D on a device than release it for last gen systems when your planing to release its replacement so soon?
    if M$ was planing to release a successor soon they would not release this for the 360 it jiust spoills the surprise.
    its like releasing a game on ps3 and vita.
    why buy the vita version when you already have the ps3 version?
    might as well put that money to something not available on ps3.

  • benzo

    Bought a 360 yesterday,so I’m ready for more Gears!!!!!!