Monday, December 22, 2014
Ken Kutaragi Working On Something “Totally Cool”

Ken Kutaragi Working On Something “Totally Cool”

Is it ps4?

The featured story in the November 21st issue of Bloomberg Businessweek is titled: “What Is Sony Now?” In it, editors Bryan Gruley and Cliff Edwards take a long look at Sony’s successful past and not-so-stable future, with interviews ranging from Sir Howard Stringer to lower level Sony employees. It’s a very interesting read and you should go grab the magazine, especially when Sony Computer Entertainment, which consists of all things PlayStation was discussed.

The men called PSone the “bastard child” of a failed Sony/Nintendo collaboration, one that only came to fruition because Ken Kutaragi, a then Sony engineer pushed the firm’s execs to launch the console. The successes of both the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were noted, and thereafter the sloppy launch of PS3, releasing a year after Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the infamous quote from Kutaragi, saying “the next generation doesn’t start until we say it does.”

The editors reached out to Ken Kutaragi for comments to be included in their featured piece, and that’s when he told them that he’s working on something “totally cool”, but wouldn’t comment further, adding “many of the Sony old boys would be better to speak to.”

What could it possibly be? Did Sony allow back in the old boss who made PlayStation? That’s far fetched but whatever it is, he’s got my attention.

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