Rumor: PS Vita Can Only Support One PSN Account


Rumor is coming out of Japan per NeoGAF that PS Vita will only support one PSN account.

“I just got back from the Vita event in Osaka,” wrote the NeoGAF poster, “and they gave us this little catalog with the launch line up of games and accessories. There also a FAQ section at the end, and that’s where I found this bad news.”

This means if you have friends you’d like to share you Vita with, you can’t, as for them to use it, your account will be the only access point. It goes further: “If you want to to use a different account, you need to format the system to factory settings.”

Factory settings, you ask? Yes.

So for those looking to import the orient version of PS Vita, I can see more than a few problems blocking a clear path. First, I suspect it’ll be difficult, if not impossible, to download content from PSN Stores of various regions as you’ll need different accounts to do such. And since your version will be imported, well, let’s just say things can get quite tricky.

It’d be best if you just try and win this one free of charge.

Thanks, TSA.

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4 Comments on "Rumor: PS Vita Can Only Support One PSN Account"

  1. Ernesto22 December 4, 2011 at 3:47 pm -

    lol, I wouldn’t import….on their consoles X = cancel and O = Confirm

  2. nick December 5, 2011 at 4:22 am -

    i emailed PA the other day about this and they say its true, the vita like the PSP is locked to one PSN account if you want to create another you have to restore factory settings.
    asked a guy on ebay he said the same thing too.
    is going to be a real pain in the a$$!
    especially if you change PSN accounts for whatever reason, whatever games you purchased you wont be able to use again without formatting your vita and loosing all your current games.
    unless you can copy them to the ps3, like you can PSP.
    hope you can otherwise constantly re downloading games because of switching accounts is going to get REALLY annoying!
    why do $ony have to make things as difficult as possible?

  3. Ernice Gilbert December 5, 2011 at 9:39 am -

    I’m getting the Western PS Vita and I’ll be the only player so I’m fine…but this must be a bit annoying for those who are getting the console early.

  4. nick December 5, 2011 at 10:04 am -

    or if multiple people in the family use it.
    or if you want to purchase games off another PSN account.
    so many games on the US PSN account we dont have for instance, allot of the time games are cheaper there then here too.

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