Friday, August 29, 2014

Modern Warfare 3 Allows Up To Ten Prestiges

Level capped at 80.

At yesterday’s Modern Warfare 3 livestream event on IGN, Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling told the site that there will be up to ten prestiges in the game, with multiplayer being capped at level 80, at which point gamers can chose to prestige or stay as said cap.

Being able to prestige ten times brings the total count of multiplayer levels in Modern Warfare 3 to 800. Black Ops had 750.

Modern Warfare 3 releases next Tuesday worldwide, and on all platforms.

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  • Ec1baller

    i think i will be prestiging to what ever prestige looks the best usally between 7-10th

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I think I will prestige, but that’s after massive hesitation. I hate to start over, although this time, unlike Black Ops, there will be reasons to do so, as there will be weapons only available after prestiging.