Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Pushed Back to December 2012

Yet another push back to one of the most played MMORPG’s known to man. How much longer until the game actually releases?

From November 2009, to March 2010, to November 2010, to February 2011, to October 2011, to May 2012. ArenaNet has made yet another push back to the release of Guild Wars 2. Now supposed to be “released” in December 2012. Here is some information on the game itself.

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG and is the sequel to their episodic Guild Wars game series.
The game takes place in the Guild Wars fantasy world of Tyria and set 250 years after the players defeat the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion. There are five elder dragons, which have been sleeping beneath the continent. They have awoken, which is causing widespread destruction to Tyria and corrupting its inhabitants. In Guild Wars 2 old and new races alike have begun to rise in the resulting power vacuum. Old cities have been destroyed and rebuilt. Kingdoms have been seized and reformed by new rulers. You will be able to see the advancement of time which is reflected in the changes in culture, including armor and clothing as well. You are tasked in Guild Wars 2 with uniting the different player races, which is required to be able to effectively combat the elder dragons.

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  • czarspeed

    How can it be pushed back when there was never a release date to begin with?

  • Matthew DeVito

    There have been many release dates.

  • czarspeed

    The release date is “When it’s ready”

  • nick

    so, we finally have a new contender for DNF?
    this is what i hate about PC developers!
    i swear to god if another one of them says when its done im gonna slap them with a stergon!

  • czarspeed

    Guild Wars 2 Sexy Sylvari Toons Sexy_Sylvari_Toons /Page

  • czarspeed
  • czarspeed

    better when its done then premature, just smart business sense

  • Bambi

    Matthew, you should definitely find more reliable sources for your information. There never was a release date, it has always been “when it’s ready”. I don’t know where you get dates like May 2012 or December 2012… ArenaNet themselves have never given any release date. The only thing they have said, is that the game is currently in closed alpha, they will start closed beta before the end of the year, and depending on the results of closed beta, they will take some time to do fixes, then do public beta, then more time for fixes, then they will announce the release date. In other words… it will be released “when it’s done”. Don’t blame ArenaNet if your unrelible source keeps making up dates that don’t come true!

  • SimplisticStyle

    Matthew you should look into what you write before publishing. As others have said Guild Wars 2 has never once had a announced release date. I don’t know where you get your info but the dates you mention were never even rumors of a release date. In fact the only time I have ever seen any of these dates were here in this complete nonsense you publish to fool other games.

    Fact – The game is in closed alpha

    Fact – They will start closed beta before 2012

    Fact – The closest they have announced to a release date is “When it’s ready”

    If you need any more facts which I suggest you check before publishing then you can simply go to

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