Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Wasn’t Announced For PS Vita, Markets Confused, Capcom Shares Dip

One of the most popular game franchises in Japan is Monster Hunter, and since the game’s sold a monumental amount of copies of PSP, people found it very strange Capcom only announced the game as coming to Nintendo’s 3DS, and in the wake of all this, the publisher’s market value’s taken a dip.

Sony have not the answers either, telling us if we want to know why Monster Hunter 4 wasn’t announced for PS Vita, that we should ask Capcom.

The firm’s Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida held out hope, though, saying he believes the popular franchise will find its way onto PS Vita as “most large game publishers operate on a multiplatform basis.”

December 17th is when Vita goes on sale in Japan. We’re waiting, Capcom!

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  • nick

    the last monster hunter was wii exclusive so this is hardly surprising.
    hopefully will get it down the line sometime, but for some reason they seem obsessed with ninty.

  • Ernice Gilbert