Saturday, August 30, 2014

Video Thirst: Whoa! World’s First Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer Lands, Groundbreaking

Straight out of the Call of Duty XP event happening in L.A. today and tomorrow, is the first ever multiplayer trailer of Modern Warfare 3. Believe me, it’s serious business.

Video Thirst: Multiplayer At Its Best

Say what you will about Activision, but the guys at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are going above and beyond to make Modern Warfare 3 the best shooter to buy this holiday season. In the trailer, you’ll see different classes in action, showing their abilities as they run and gun through different settings. Quite epic, this new trailer.

Quench it

We have more details on the XP event in L.A. incoming.

Modern Warfare 3 gets out November 8th for all platforms.

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  • LilKaneTGOD

    u call this groundbreaking!!? LOOL
    what a joke
    Same game all over again (MW2.5)
    Everybody will be complaining after 1 or 2 months…u watch!
    Same thing happened to black ops…

  • Ernice Gilbert

    If everybody got bored with Black Ops, can you please explain why DLC for the game has sold over 18 million copies? And more people spend more time on it matching facebook? Can that to me?