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Real Life Augmentation Video Released By Square-Enix To Commemorate Deus Ex: Launch

by Ernice Gilbert on August 26th, 2011, under Hot, News, PC, PS3, RPG, Square-Enix, Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution features a lot of augmenting. In fact a lot of the game’s story is based on the evolution of man, and how dangerous it can become if we’re not careful. But did you know there’s real life augmentation happening as we speak? Yes there is. And we’re further into the future than you think. Hit the link to check out the vid.

Directed by Rob ‘EYEBORG’ Spence, who lost an eye in a shotgun accident only to have an eye with a wireless camera attached, the video takes look at how far out the augmentations are today from the 2027 future that the Eidos Montreal title foretells.

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