Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Video Thirst: Resistance 3 Survivor Edition Is The Real Deal, Gets New Trailer

Sony has sent live a trailer showing off the contents of the survivor edition of Resistance 3, and you’ll no doubt like it.

Resistance 3: Survivor Edition Includes:

– SRPA Black Ops skin
– Infected Nathan Hale skin
– Air Fuel Grenade
– Special multiplayer title: “Sentinel”
– Multiplayer booster
– Chimera tooth necklace (this one is a physical item!)

Resistance 3 comes out early September exclusively for PS3.

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  • nick

    far too expensive!
    only thing there worth grabbing it for is the game disk is made to look like a old reccord.
    cool, but for 200 freaking bucks!
    yeah………. sony sure know how to rip their fans off!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s in AU?

  • nick

    yea, for some reason this time the resistance LEs are EU only, R2s editions were US only.
    maybe thats why.
    still WAY too expensive!
    ACR LE for example has pretty much the same kit yet its a full 80 bucks cheaper!
    AND if you preorder it at EB you get a few goodies, where R3s one you get squat.
    i wish sony would start releasing there press kits as LEs.
    ive seen the ones for infamous, infamous 2, motorstorm pacific rift and motorstorm appocalypse,they looked freaking sweet!
    totally would be worth 300 bucks!
    or even te GT5 sig edition which was the same as the press kit except without the review code obviously.
    GT5 one was totally worth 300, i just picked it up yesterday from game for 120!
    sonys LEs suck!
    there dear as poision, and either dont come with much, or come with heaps but everythings kinda meh.
    R3s the perfect example of the latter, fair ammount of kit but everythings not really that exciting.
    nothing says you have to buy me!
    only LE i have bought this gen that was totally worth the money was the crysis 2 nano edition,that was freaking sweet!
    espcially the statue of prophet on a crushed taxi.
    the detail, OMFG the detail!
    looked like a real car!

  • nick

    o,Wook at this.

    i knew they cut it from the game!
    why oh why?
    the main complaint everyone has about LA Noire i if you screw up nothing happens.
    now it turns out they removed it from the game because it was “distracting”.
    how sad!
    i wish they would do LA Noire 2, but this time get that idiot out of there!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    About to update the site with this. Saw it earlier. It wouldn’t fit on one Bluray though.

  • nick

    why not put it on several.
    i find it extremly hard to believe a dual layer disk would not be large enough, i mean one of them can store 50GBs!
    could of released it as DLC.
    i dont care about the cut content, hopefully it will see a release in the PC version, or maybe in a possible sequel.
    what really disappointed me was the cut of the “punishment” system.
    its just silly, you screw up, chief screems at you, and 2 seconds later yous are best friends again!