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Crytek Says CryEngine 3 is “The Best”, And It’s “Going Everywhere”

by Ernice Gilbert on July 14th, 2011, under Development, Hot, News

If Epic Games were taking advise from Crytek, the latter would tell the former “look out”, and “upgrade fast” because CryEngine is “the best” game engine, and it’s going “everywhere”.

That’s according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli talking to Develop. He said: “CryEngine is the engine you consider when you think of next generation development.”

“We are actually the only engine on the planet, including Unity and Epic, that is 100 percent real time. People underestimate what it means to be 100 percent real time.

And from a gamer’s perspective, there are games that are developed with CryEngine that you just cannot develop with the Epic and Unity engines.

When people want to object to hearing that, they will find out that CryEngine is the best engine.

Although traditionally associated with the PC, CryEngine is “going everywhere”.

We will support every platform that’s a major player in the industry of gaming,” Yerli assured, talking about several opportunities.

Wii U
“Our support for the Wii U is definitely going to happen. We aren’t showing it but we’re pretty much running it already. Due to our relationship with Nintendo, we hope to get more access to it earlier.”

“Kinect is a major diver for future platforms as well, so Kinect support is important. Having basic Kinect support in the CryEngine is one thing, but I’m talking about really supporting it deeply. CryEngine is going to have deep support.”

Emerging platforms
“Then there are other efforts towards supporting mobile and tablets. We are showing behind closed dross some online and web-oriented technology. Mobile platforms and browser-based gaming are dominating the market and pushing the PC to new heights.”

PS Vita
“The PS Vita is an absolutely fantastic platform but it will have a hard time, and it might be too late. I love Sony, but the Vita is going to have a hard time against the next generation mobiles and all the tablets.”

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