Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PS Vita Is A “Quantum Leap”, Hails Sony

PS Vita isn’t on the market just yet, but already Sony’s hailing the new handheld a “quantum leap”, stating that they’re very excited about it.

That’s what SCEA SVP Phil Rosenberg told Industry Gamers recently. He said:

“We’re thrilled with the way PlayStation Vita is coming together. We’re so excited about the development community and the way they’re seeing all the promise and possibilities that they can bring to the canvas that they’re going to be able to create their portable games on, the connectivity from a portable device now to their console, and to the communities that they’re building around their games.

I feel that this device is really the start of our future for PlayStation. It’s that big of a quantum leap in what it’s going to enable our gamers to do – and saying that, it’s a quantum leap in what we’re going to be able to bring to our gamers.”

You won’t be able to purchase PS Vita in the west until early next year, but if you have Japanese connections….

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  • nick

    shame it looks so………. boring!
    i mean come on this is a whole new system, they could of thrown out the old design and do something wicked!
    but no they took the 3000 rounded it off a bit and wallah theres our new system!
    my lord, $ony have lazier designers then freaking Porsche!

    though you may be able to pick it up this year………
    yea sony have said outside JP it wont release this year, but, then, well they have been wrong MANY times before!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, been hearing we might be able to pick it up. I love the look!

  • nick

    it looks ok, but too conservative, too much like the old system.
    theres so many cool mock ups of what people thought it should look like that look WAY better then this!