Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PS3 Passes The 50 Million Sold Mark, Move Bests 8 Million Worldwide

Following the February games industry figures released by NPD, Sony’s responded, this time releasing figures. The firm said it’s sold more than 50 million PS3s, and as of April 3rd, over 8 million Move Controllers.

The company’s proud of the numbers, and once again spoke of its exclusive lineup as one of the key points moving forward this year, and that sales and growth will only increase.

As for Move, the peripheral launched in September 2010 in North America, Europe and Asia, and in October 2010 in Japan. The motion controller is supported by 155 games as of March 24th. Sony also made known the amount of PS3 games supporting stereoscopic 3D, and that number is 89.

A grand total of 480 million units of PS3 software has been sold globally since launch, and there are over 75 million registered PSN accounts in 59 “countries and regions” around the world.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    Nice : )

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Good for them.

  • nick

    not bad considering theres not many proper titles out for it yet, and allot of people are just not into it.
    i cant wait till sorcery comes out, thats looking freaking sweet!
    playing move heroes now, its actually not as bad as i thought it would be.
    for a mini game compilation its actually quite good, in fact the best mini game compilation i have ever played!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Oh wow. Nice, I don’t have Move. You guys know I”m not into that stuff…..

  • nick

    finished it tonight, i actually enjoyed it.
    definitely did not deserve the poor reviews it got!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    See, gamers are the best reviewers.

  • nick

    not exactly.
    if that was true uncharted would be selling better then COD.