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Microsoft Readies “Updated Xbox 360 Disc Format”

by Ernice Gilbert on March 29th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News

According to Xbox front man Major Nelson, Microsoft has opened registrations in the U.S. in preparation for an “updated Xbox 360 disc format”.

The software giant’s looking for US-based participants for a public preview to help it prepare for an updated Xbox 360 disc format which will help “improve” its products.

Halo: Reach comes with the program so those who enlist will receive a copy for free amongst others gifts.

Visit the Microsoft Connected site if you’re interested, and sign in with the Windows Live ID that is connected to your Xbox Live Gamertag. Complete the survey and the site will provide program related updates and you will receive a mail once the selection process is completed.

Per Major Nelson:

– We’re looking for multiple thousands of participants, so your chances of making it in are good.

– This opportunity is open to Xbox LIVE Members in US region only.

– To avoid any problems, read the survey carefully and double check all the information you provide.

- While both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up, priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.

- Due to disc distribution limitations, this beta it will be limited to residents of the United States only.


  1. Wed, 30th Mar 2011 at 3:22 am

    called XGD3 apparently will help increase the storage size of disks.
    what i cant understand though is why now?
    why not when the dam thing released!?
    its like Ferrari releasing a car, then 5 years after release upgrade the car to make it much better then it is.
    if it can be done, then why release something and do it later?
    cash grab probably, every disk developers use they have to pay royalties to M$ so i guess they wanted to milk the cow as long as possible!
    why stop though?
    maybe developers have had enough, and have started saying were not going to release games on the 360, or release inferior versions till you give us larger space.
    nah, that would mean turning $$$$$$ away, and developers would never do that!
    its not really necessary though, i mean look at crysis 2!
    the best looking MP game ever released!
    AND its only 5GBs!
    4 GBs under the limit!
    what do we need this for?
    i doubt its for space, but apparently these disks add allot more integrity checks so there much harder to copy.
    thats probably more what its for.
    this puts the likelihood of a new xbox even further away, i mean why spend all the time and cash generating a new type of media that will work on all 360s to then just scrap it 2 years down the track?
    unless there going to use it in the next system, but that would be stupid!
    releasing a new console with a disk capacity lower then 50GBs would be a massive mistake!
    would be like cutting both your arms and legs off!

  2. Wed, 30th Mar 2011 at 6:08 am

    kinda late in truth.

  3. Wed, 30th Mar 2011 at 8:42 am

    …… just a little.

  4. Wed, 30th Mar 2011 at 6:29 pm

    dont know im signig up for this though i wanna see what the new disc format is

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