Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peter Dille Bids Sony Goodbye

Sony’s longtime marketing executive Peter Dille will no longer serve at SCEA.

He served with SCEA from 1991-1999, and then again from 2006. After that Dille made a short stop as THQ’s vice president of worldwide marketing, and found his way back home to Sony thereafter.

No reasons were given for his exit, and no one knows for now if he’ll pursue another job somewhere else – but his position, at the moment, is unfilled.

Here’s Sony’s statement on the matter:

“Peter has been a dedicated and valued member of the PlayStation team for more than 5 years, leading the North American marketing efforts since PlayStation 3 launch in 2006, as well as helping establish the PlayStation Network as a comprehensive entertainment solution in this territory,” said the firm.

“The leadership of our marketing effort is a key to the continued growth of the PlayStation brand, and the deep bench of executives and marketing team at SCEA will continue to drive the marketing function in North America until we establish a replacement. We wish Peter well in his future endeavors.”

Via IGN.

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  • nick

    sad to see him go, hes very good at his job!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    SCEA could do better advertising to be honest. I don’t like how the promote their games. SCEE is even worse.

  • nick

    i like the kev adds there really funny!
    only wish they showed them here!
    SCEE make good adds, problem is they dont make many of them!
    have not seen a single add for KZ3!
    not one!