Monday, June 3, 2013

There Seems To Be A Dead Space 3 Teaser Trailer At The End Of Dead Space 2

If you plan on purchasing Dead Space 2 when it releases in the next 2 weeks, you’ll be treated with a Dead Space 3 trailer upon completion of the game.

That’s according to Game Informer magazine which gave the horror title a 90/100, and said that the “tease for Dead Space 3 has my head spinning with questions”.

Dead Space 2 comes available in the U.S. on January 25th, with a release coming on the 28th of the same month in Europe.

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  • nick

    soooooooooooooooooo excited for this!
    i dont want a DS3 yet though, id much rather visceral do dantes inferno 2 or at least a new IP.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Dante’s Inferno 2 was good.

  • nick

    you mean dantes inferno.
    yea, i enjoyed it, allot more than GOW3 actually!
    but darksiders was by far the best of the 3!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Darksiders had a massive ending too.

  • nick

    one of the best endings ive seen in a long, long time!
    so cant wait for darksiders 2!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Yeah, that’s already confirmed.

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