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Kinect Is Second In Popularity Only To iPad This Holiday Season Finds Survey

by Ernice Gilbert on November 10th, 2010, under Hot, Microsoft, News

Wow, well, I for one never thought it’d go this good for Microsoft. Apparently, a recent survey’s found that only the iPad from Apple beats out the Kinect this upcoming holiday season.

It’s a true revolution, then.

According to a poll done by, consisting of hundreds of black Friday shoppers, Kinect is likely to be one of the most sought after items on the day after Thanksgiving, as consumers really accelerate their holiday shopping plans.

When people were asked what the hottest Black Friday product would be, iPad took first place, followed by Kinect in second, and iPhone in third. Xbox 360 was the only console to make the list, placing at the bottom in fifteenth.

That’s extremely impressive considering we’ve had motion controls on the market for years now. But with Microsoft pushing a half a billion dollar effort, and the fact Kinect is different in that it allows gamers to play without any controller, has been impressing the masses, it seems.

Good for them.


  1. Thu, 11th Nov 2010 at 3:01 am

    more popular than a iphone 4?
    doubt it!
    iphone 4s have been out for over 5 months now, and there STILL out of stock worldwide!!!!!
    seriously doubt kinect will be able to match that.
    i really dont see the point in ipads though, yea you can do heaps of cool stuff with them but everything you can do with them you can with a iphone or laptop.
    i mean, theres nothing they and only they can do, and there BLOODY EXPENSIVE!
    was going to get one for my mother, that way she wont be fighting with me for the PC….. till i found out they were 800 bucks!
    and thats without WIFI, you want WIFI its a extra 100!
    800 bucks for what is basically a over sized iphone 4?

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