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For Kinect, Not Much Love From The Big Boys

by Ernice Gilbert on August 5th, 2010, under Microsoft, News

Microsoft made a big show of promoting Kinect as the next big revolution in gaming, and although Nintendo stole everyone’s thunder by truly unveiling its 3DS at the show, MS continue to press its motion device as the real deal.

There’s a great lineup of games for Kinect, too. Many publishers have already gotten behind the peripheral, announcing titles that’ll launch alongside it.

Here are some of the games you’ll enjoy with Kinect:

EA SPORTS Active 2 (EA)
DECA SPORTS FREEDOM (Hudson Entertainment)
Dance Masters (Konami)
Adrenalin Misfits (Konami)
Zumba Fitness (Majesco)
Sonic Free Riders (SEGA)
The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout (THQ)
Motion Sports (Ubisoft),
Game Party: In Motion

So don’t think for a moment that there’ll be a lack of titles to enjoy with the device because nothing’s further away from the truth. There’s something that I’ve noticed, though, and it’s that unlike Sony’s MOVE and the big PS3 exclusives that it’s compatible with, including GT5, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and even LittleBigPlanet 2, Microsoft’s Kinect isn’t getting that type of treatment.

Not Gears of War 3, not Halo: Reach, not Kingdoms. Not even the title that many thought would be Kinect compatible is a safe bet. Peter Molyneux has said that Fable III won’t support Kinect at launch and he’s not sure if it’ll ever happen.

This is not a good sign. I mean, aren’t the hardcore audience part of the Kinect strategy? Well how’s it suppose to take hold when all the games that satisfy the hardcore won’t support the peripheral?

It seems to me the only way MS, or even Sony would get gamers to appreciate motion gaming is by making those games compatible with with said motion devices. Sony for one seems to be getting it right. And I’m aware that gamers, including me, wouldn’t want these things near our most beloved franchises; but I’m just speaking strategically here.

Microsoft must do better if they hope to capture the hardcore with Kinect, because although Kinectimals looks good, it’s not nearly enough to reel me in.

What’s your take?


  1. Fri, 6th Aug 2010 at 4:07 am

    its obvious why, as i said the other day how are you going to play gears 3 with kinect?
    it has its place in casual kids games, maybe even sword fighting games and action games but thats really about it.
    i cant imagine how a shooter would work with it.

  2. Fri, 6th Aug 2010 at 5:46 am

    Me neither, but MS did say it’s the biggest revolution in gaming. If so, the darn thing should be able to play shooters, and what not….wouldn’t you say?

  3. Fri, 6th Aug 2010 at 10:44 am

    in a perfect world yea, but we dont live in a perfect world.
    how are you going to play shooters, puzzles, horror games and such with kinect.
    when sony said you need buttons they were not kidding!
    theres a reason why they rejected kinect, the company developing it approached sony and ninty before M$ and both rejected it because 1 it was too expensive and 2 too inaccurate.
    plus of course there going to say that, there making it.
    in a perfect world it should work with every type of game, but i really cant see how its going to work.
    they could have it voice activated but do you want to say a word every time you want something to happen?
    i dunno, but saying fire every time you want to shoot someone, or grenade every time you want to lob a grenade is going to get tiresome!
    i dunno, maybe there going to release some peripherals with it for shooters, but than that really defeats the purpose of kinect!

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