Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Activsion Looking For New Talent For Infinity Ward

The search has begun. Activision and Infinity are now hiring for senior development staff.

This according to a post on Gamasutra which says the developer’s hiring for a senior software engineer, an associate producer, a senior animator, a senior effects artist, a senior environment artist and a senior game designer.

We all know what happened to the studio not too long ago. Soon after, the mass exodus commenced, leaving the studio malnourished with only its skeleton standing.

Hopefully they find some good, fresh new talent that will once again propel the studio to heavenly heights.

Thanks, Nowgamer.

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  • nick

    antivision really shot themselves in the foot with this.
    infinity ward were there bread and butter, they were making them so much money and this is how they treat them?
    there never going to be the same now, and it serves those selfish money grubbing sons of ………. right!
    this is what happens when you be a greedy ^%$# and think about no one but yourself!
    i really wish antivision would just roll over and die already!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “i really wish antivision would just roll over and die already!!!!!!!!!!”

    that’s cruel

  • nick

    cruel, but fair!
    every single game they release is utter crap!
    the only game they have released this gen that is half decent is MW and MW2 and both of those are still riddled with bugs especially MW2.
    not to mention when i picked up my copy of transformers war for cybertron the bloody disk holder was snapped that made the disk fall out and move around in the case scratching the crap out of it.
    now EB wont let me take it back because they say how do we know you did not do that?
    and my 360 wont read it, so now im left with a 100 dollar coaster!
    not to mention i bought crash nitro kart 2 off the apps store and i cant play the frigging thing without it freezing my phone!
    i rang their customer support to put in a complaint and ask for my money back and they refused saying theres something wrong with my phone when theres hundreds of user complaints on the apps store reporting the same thing!
    so as far as im concerned antivision can burn in hell!