Video Thirst: Nine Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

by Ernice Gilbert on March 11th, 2010, under Kojima Productions, Konami, PSP

If you’re fan of Metal Gear Solid games, then most likely you’ll pick up the latest, Metal Gear: Peace Walker for PSP and PSPgo.

If you’re not, the video below will help take you off the fence and into the world of Snake, we’re not sure if it’s Solid, Liquid or Big Boss but it’ll be Snake for sure. Get it past the break.

In it, new weapons, movies, stages and much more. Kojima is handling this one first hand, therefore it’s a sure-fire success.

The game is out on April 29th in Japan.

Quench your thirst, you know you want to.

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One Comment

  1. Thu, 11th Mar 2010 at 4:12 pm

    OYG this game is so cash, I need to get a psp before this comes out so bad, man oh man, these game series get better and better.
    Lol @ cardboard snake

    If Kojima is done with the metal gear series (or at least he cries every now and then about how he wants to stop making them and people harassing him, poor soul) The impending remake of the first Metal Gear (MSX) should occur, laugh at the dream not the dreamer.

    It won’t of course, but until then this is the closest thing.

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