PlayStation 3 Is Future Proof Technology Says Tretton

by Ernice Gilbert on February 26th, 2010, under PS2, PSN, Playstation 3, Sony, industry news

PS3 is about 3 years old now, dropping exclusives one after the other with each raising the bar to new heights. The giant has lead the gaming industry for the last two generations but has seen its lead and dominance dwindle due to the rise of the jugerrnaut Xbox 360.

But Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, stands undeterred by whatever else is occurring with different companies. He sees the PS3 as future proof technology and as a console that will stand the test of time to usher the PlayStation brand back to the top again.

“When you are forward-thinking and pressing new ground, you’ve got a lot of doubters and people that will say ‘that didn’t make any sense’,” Tretton said in an interview with Fast Company. ”

“We clearly had our share of those when the PlayStation 3 shipped. And we said, ‘Believe me this is future-proof technology, this forward-thinking tech; this is going to have a ten-year lifecycle. And while you may not understand it now, a few years from now you will, and you’re going to want one.’

I’d love to flashback to 2006 and bring people forward to 2010 and say, ‘Now what do you think about Blu-ray? About the technology?’ We can have a conversation on innovation and be talking about Heavy Rain in one breath, Little Big Planet in another, Uncharted, MLB, and you can span so many genres. And the beauty is that is all within the Sony family, before we even talk about all the innovation going on in the industry from the independent publishers.”

Whether the console makes it past Nintendo to regain it’s rule is up in smoke; but what’s bright as day is the fact that the giant has its groove back. Keep on grooving then.

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  1. Fri, 26th Feb 2010 at 11:50 am

    Ten years seems just about right to me

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