Touch Screen Steering Wheel Patent Filed For DSi

by Ernice Gilbert on February 26th, 2010, under Nintendo

Expect racing games on Nintendo’s DSi to get a whole lot more realistic soon, if a new patent filed is to be believed.

The patent talks about introducing a touch-screen based steering wheel to the DSi which would mean users no longer have to steer cars using the left button but instead the clockwise-anticlockwise mechanism will be used.

Nintendo filed the patent with the USPTO, and it reads:

In one exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementation, a video game or other application displays an image of a steering wheel. Such display may be on the same screen as one that displays other information such as a race course or other environment through which the vehicle may be maneuvered in a simulated fashion, or it may be on a different screen. The steering wheel display is, in one exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementation, displayed on a screen that is touch sensitive. The touch-sensitive functionality of the screen is used in at least some exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementations to allow the video game player to control the position of the steering wheel displayed on the screen. The displayed vehicle steering wheel position, in turn, is used to control the travel motion or direction of the vehicle being simulated. The resulting simulation provides a realistic input control interface obtainable using relatively inexpensive and compact input devices such as those available on conventional portable or other video game play and/or simulation platforms.

Interesting find via Gorumors. Thanks Anand.

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