I Am A Christian; This Industry Don’t Give A Crap About Me

by Ernice Gilbert on April 9th, 2010, under Editorials, industry news

Let’s get the news out of the way first: According to an SEC filing discovered by Stock Market Quarterly, Left Behind Games “will be featured in a limited number of Walmart stores covering a broad area of states. This new market test is a follow-up to the marketing trial conducted in approximately 100 Walmart stores in Texas during the 2009 Christmas sales season.”

Walmart is very interested in distributing the Christian games around the country, but before it invests heavily, the retailer would like to see how the games perform in broader regions first.

Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games believes this opportunity will allow his company to “further test our sales model regionally will provide us with ongoing market insight and a chance to enhance sales. Our Walmart strategy continues to be validated as we focus on placement, promotions and sales for the 2010 holiday gift giving season, when a majority of games are sold.”

That’s the news, now here’s the reality: When video games first came on the scene, they were family friendly interactions that everyone could enjoy, but as time passed, and great progress was made in technology, things began to change and games were inching ever closer (still are today) to realism. With that progress came more violence, strong language, blood and Gore, and the last to hit the scene was nudity.

So things have changed, but people remained the same…… especially Christians, our values never change. But we love games.

My name is Ernice Gilbert and yes I’m a born again Christian and Founder/Editor-In-Chief of www.GamesThirst.com. It’s no secret that I love, and appreciate the art form that is video games. But something is definitely wrong with the direction we’re carelessly racing in without anyone stopping to ponder the consequences. With Every year that passes, developers seem to push the boundary ever closer to numbing the minds of teenagers and adults alike who play games by disturbingly and foolishly inserting vulgar behaviors in games even when those behaviors are totally uncalled for. Let’s start with the language – this one really pisses me off.

Killzone 2 featured vulgar Language that was uncalled for

Killzone 2 is the prime example of a game made stupid by inserting F-Bombs and other dirty language in situations totally uncalled for. And for what, to say the game is mature? That’s crap and bad writing skills if you ask me. I have many Christian friends, and you know what we did? We tried playing the game but realized from the inception that we couldn’t so we threw the thing away.

World At War also featured cuss words uncalled for

Same with Call of Duty: Wolrd At War – we opened the game (pumped to play) and the first word to come out of the title’s narration was a F-Bomb. Why in the freaking world would they do that is beyond me. It was not called for.

In Modern Warfare 2, the Afghanistan scene was undertandable, put the game gave no option to disable it if you wanted to

The first Modern Warfare was cool, but the second, in the Afghanistan scene, a F-Bomb was let loose.

I commended Battlefield: Bad Company for giving an option to eliminate the vile language, but the second does not give said option. Why not? Really, the first did so why not the second? It was a great step in the direction of respecting people….. But EA and DICE lapsed.

I am not trying to change the industry here, but if we’re going to trod certain paths, why not do it with precaution? There’s a huge Christian market in almost every form of entertainment. Look at what The Passion Of The Christ did in Hollywood. It’s still one of the biggest grossing films of all time. The music industry is no different: Christian artists sell millions of records every month – the gaming industry can do even better if the leaders decide to take steps to lure them in. They’re not. They’re driving Christians further away and in the process loosing hundreds of millions of dollars.

And why in the world a good action-packed Christian game hasn’t been created? I’m not talking about the low budget Left Behind series; I’m eluding to God of War type action games, especially stories from the old testament. Think of a game based around David and Goliath, or Samson, Elijah, Joshua and countless others who were constantly placed in the daunting position to defend their city, their people and values of their God with the sword. I reckon, a game like what I just explained would sell millions and millions without the vulgar language and uncalled for sex scenes that go into these new games.

They can do it, but they don’t. I’m talking about publishers and developers. It’s a risk yes, but definitely one worth taking. But who am I kidding? These people don’t give a crap about me and my Christian values – to their own loss.

Again, this is not an attempt to “change the industry”, neither is it an attempt to rile up religious wars. But it’s definitely a call to developers to create the option in games that would allow gamers to disable certain aspects of it if they chose to.

Strong Language
Blood And Gore

Are the three main reasons why the Christian community haven’t delved full throttle into the industry. Also, developing a great Christian game would do very well. I have some ideas, so if you devs are lacking, call on me.

God bless you all and long live the industry.

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  1. Sun, 11th Apr 2010 at 12:08 pm

    New year, why would the devs go out of their way to create a precedence that would give them nothing but trouble, something that doesnt even add anything, does not correct nothing broke, would add hours or work and maybe bugs and wouldnt pay out? So that some misguided people could pretend to exercise their faith? I repeat this: nothing should be changed in the industry as long as the petition is made in the name of, specially religion. Then women would ask for an option to change the main character to a girl, i tell ya.

    • Sun, 11th Apr 2010 at 12:27 pm

      Mechlord, do you remember Contra? I’m sure you do. Those games were awesome, yes we shot baddies, yes it was war. Yes people diead. But you know what was never present? Strong language and NONE of us missed out on it. It didn’t exist and we didn’t care.

      And I still think none of us was asking for it. But you know what? It’s there and we deal with it. BUT I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH AN OPTION TO DISABLE IT.

  2. Sun, 11th Apr 2010 at 12:55 pm

    “How in the world you would “swear you mouth off” and then call yourself Christian?”

    Wow, I totally forgot that verse that says, swear once and your ticket to heaven is void. It makes no difference at all if you swear a few times, Jesus still loves you. You can be a Christian and swear all the time, and you will still be a Christian. If a Muslim person has a clean mouth, does that mean he is really a Christian because he doesn’t swear?

    Go read the bible again, and look for the part that says ALL HUMANS (Christians included) are like vile filth clothed in rags. The ONLY way to be cleansed, is through Christ, not yourself, if you think you can make yourself better through your own pathetic means by not cursing then you are just wasting your time. Now look, if you personally dislike swearing and all that, then good, that’s a good thing. But don’t use that to try and make out that you are higher and better than others (Which is what this article reeks off, intended or not), because that is a massive turn off for many people.

    Do you remember the story of the Prodical Son? Remember when the young son returns after all his wrong doing, his father kills the fattened calf for dinner and throws a party rejoicing that his son has returned, yet his elder son, who had stayed at home is angry, he questions his father actions, asking why his father never threw him a party.

    See, the younger son who left is a non Christian, and when he returns to his father (God) there is rejoicing for he is saved, it doesn’t matter what he did, he is forgiven and saved. And the elder brother, is the Christian who never does anything wrong, who always did what he thought was right, but see he is wrong too, he thinks he is better and more worthy than others for his fathers blessing, when he is not. It’s that kind of attitude which turns people away, not attracts people.

    And back to the point of your article. I really don’t think turning off Gore, Swearing and Nudity is going to do much for anyone, if you have a problem with it, don’t play games involving those. I think a better thing to ask for would be the inclusion of good morals, values and lessons behind the story’s told in games. I think that would be a whole lot better than just removing simple surface parts of games.

    “The last time a checked the bible said let not vile language come from your mouth.”

    Yes it does say that, and by reading your article, I can see you have included vile language from your own mouth in it. Dun dun dun!! So you are being hypocritical.


    It’s not that, it’s you being hypocritical about it.

  3. Sun, 11th Apr 2010 at 9:20 pm

    So in this hypothetical Christian God of War game, would a sex scene with Lot and his daughters be included after the Escape From Sodom level, or would this part of the Bible be considered unnecessary?

  4. Sun, 11th Apr 2010 at 11:28 pm

    You know, the points on this article could be vaguely valid if it wasnt for that “because am a christian”.

    Yes, contra was great, didnt have voice acting, cause if it did, am pretty sure it would have some form of cussing. Still, how is it that its okay for all of ya on that side to relentlessly kill living creatures (in games) and not okay to hear fuck you? Anyone care to explain? What i find is wrong with asking developers to put a disable strong language feature is that it would create a precedence where anything would go. Yes, because your faith, that disallows you to hear cussing in games is just as valid as mine that forbids me to see anything blue in videogames. What about that?
    I cant see nothing wrong either with asking devs to put an option to turn blue into red.

  5. Mon, 12th Apr 2010 at 1:17 am

    Interesting, however your argument is invalid. Swear words are a reality, they show up in games, who cares. Most kids learn to swear though their parents and or friends. So I fail to see how video games are causing any further damage… Also, the majority of the gamer market is people 18+ if parents are buying 18+ games for their children then it is their fault. I don’t think adults really care if they hear a swear word or two, I’m sure they’ve heard more in the workplace or on the street.

  6. Mon, 12th Apr 2010 at 3:48 am

    Christian or not – doesn’t matter.
    The fact that swear words are acceptable and to assume that everybody does it is just not right.
    I don’t see how his argument is invalid. Swear words may be a reality, but so is killing and war and poverty. It doesn’t make it right. There are those of us out there who would rather disable foul language. We’ve not all been brought up with swearing parents or school friends. I hate hearing swear words because I just don’t see the point in it. And for games to feel they must add them… don’t over do it!

  7. Mon, 12th Apr 2010 at 7:26 am

    Good thing this wont be implemented anytime soon anywhere that matters.

    • Mon, 12th Apr 2010 at 8:27 am

      Oh shut up Mechlord. You and your meaningless charade on this threat has bee astonishing.

      I’ll say this one more time, no one is asking or attempting to change the industry, but giving gamers an option to mute strong language I think is a great option.

      Andy you”ll be surprised. I was implemented in the first Battlefield title, and I’m sure a few devs have read this article. It’s literally all over the internet.

  8. Mon, 12th Apr 2010 at 8:57 am

    Ernice I think the word your looking for in your title is “doesn’t” – not a good start to your terrible argument.
    Now to the matter at hand. Your claim that your a gamer and a Christian is respectable but get off your hypocritical high-horse and smell the coffee. Your complaining about using the f-word in games where you kill people. I’m no expert on the bible but isn’t that against on of the 10 commandments?… Or does your bible say thou shalt not blow someone away and swear in the process.
    I agree with the uncalled for language too but but don’t preach and hide behind your Christian believes to get your point across.

  9. Tue, 13th Apr 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Couldnt care less…Push away the christians (those who whine and bitch) from the violent explicit horrofying games…there are still billions who LOVE the games they create, no loss…devs knows this.

    Or better…leave the explicit games alone, and stick to that horny mushroomeating plumber in his eternal hunt for pussy (a char I find most disturbing and want removed, as he harmes my view on drugs!).

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