Skip Xbox 360 Slim, I Am Ready For Xbox 720

by Ernice Gilbert on March 25th, 2010, under Microsoft, Xbox 720

It’s officially unofficial, the Xbox 360 Slim is on its way and will be revealed at E3 this June, or so the rumors go. Many gamers already gave their opinions on the matter with most of them being positive towards an Xbox 360 Slim announcement. But I, Ernice Gilbert, don’t want Microsoft to play “monkey see monkey do” with Sony and release a slimmer version of its venerable console. Personally, I’m ready for the Xbox 720. And I have a ton of reasons why.

The Xbox 360 is about five years old now and it’s done a marvelous job in this the seventh generation of consoles. When it came on the scene in 2005, Sony shrugged off Microsoft’s latest effort as not having enough pull to steal away any market share from the PlayStation brand. Back then PS2 was Sony’s main console on the market while the PS3 was set to make a grande entrance the following year, 2006.

But now five years later the PS3 is out, it’s more powerful than the Xbox 360, DVD is almost ancient, and the frustration of developers with the Xbox 360 is starting to show. For Capcom, it was a tough decision.

But power and space is not the only problem facing Microsoft’s latest console, it’s also the most unreliable piece of hardware in console history; most owners of said console have owned 2-3-4 even five Xbox 360s since 2005. RROD has plagued the system from its inception and will continue to do so not until Microsoft releases a Slim Xbox 360, because it would still be called the Xbox 360 and so it would naturally be associated with RROD; it’s only when the company debuts another console altogether will the stigma leave, hence the Xbox 720.

The benefits to Microsoft would be substantial. Again Redmond would be the first to launch its console on the market, again giving Xbox 720 a much needed head-start over Nintendo and Sony. The Xbox brand is much more recognizable and respected now and so you would see PS3 and even Wii owners jump ship to check out the new kid on the block.

Blu-ray functionality would be implemented adding much needed space for developers to work as they will. Also, Xbox 720 would be light-years more powerful than PS3 and so games, especially exclusives and those being developed first of the system would look, feel and play better than PS3.

Add to the mix 3D functionality without the use of glasses, Project Natal and other excellent emerging technologies that would integrate well with the system and what you have is a winning formula.

Xbox Live is already No. 1, and with the console releasing earlier than its competitors, the already robust online community would only grow bigger, better and stronger.

Sony and Nintendo would be forced to change their strategies scrambling to release a console to keep up with Microsoft, and in turn move focus away from the PS3 and Wii causing loyal customers to become disgruntled. And even if the competitors were able to release a console about 1 year and a half later, Microsoft would have already sold at least 12 million units.

See, I’m a gamer, a lover of all games and consoles. Whether it’s PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DSi or whatever – if the games are good then I’ll play. So you must understand that I love all the brands including Xbox and so I must speak honestly about it. It’s aging, tired and needs to be retired. Xbox 360 Slim would essentially be a slimmer version of the same console packed in a fancier box, and that’s not what I, and many gamers want.

Give me more power, more space and great reliability. Please Redmond, instead of 360 Slim, give me the Xbox 720. I’ll pay $500 for it.

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newyearnewrule 25th March , 2010

What, Xbox 720 now? Nice article and some great points you make but I highly DOUBT Microsoft will release Xbox 720 anytime soon.

Especially when they’re still reeling from RROD expensives.. Billions in losses.

Nice read as usual.

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nick 26th March , 2010

speak for yourself!
lol, id love a new console but please dont release a new one for at least 2 more years i dont have the cash for it ;)
i have this bad habit that i always have to have the latest tech, you watch the second a new xbox comes through the door ill be first in line to grab it!
curse my impatient ways!

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Ernice Gilbert 26th March , 2010

lol, see what I mean Nick? Not only you but millions more are the same.

We’re impatient! haha

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nick 26th March , 2010

lol, sad but true!

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[email protected] 29th March , 2010

sounds like asking people not to buy a 360 and wait for 720..

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