Bodycount Devs Influenced By…. Wait For It: Lady Gaga

The Codemasters team are hard at work on what’s expected to be a shooter like none other: Bodycount. Created by the mastermind who was responsible for the PS2/Xbox shooter Black, Stuart Black ushers us into what he considers a title that creates its own path and walks in it.

It’ll stretch realism to its limits, exaggerate what can be accomplished with war and guns and gets its influence from unconventional places… Yes just like the game is “21 century”, so is the popstar who inspired it.

“One of the maddest influences for us is definitely Lady Gaga,” Stuart Black, Bodycount’s creative director told PlayStation: The Official Magazine. He said watching Gaga perform made him want to shake up games in the same way Gaga is turning the pop world upside down.

“I looked at the software titles I have on my shelves from the last few years and felt like they were all beardy.”

For Black, something drastic had to be done and so, a team that would create something new and exciting was forged.

“A shooter for the 21st century.” One with terrible guns.

No release date has been released for the game, but rest assured it’ll be dirty, bloody and, um, Gagary?

PlayStation: The Official Magazine is on store shelves now all across the US, go buy a copy. Loads of good stuff in there.

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