MAG Beta Crashed On Day One

by Ernice Gilbert on January 5th, 2010, under Articles, Playstation 3

This cannot be a good feeling for the guys at Zipper Interactive; scrambling to get things in order, cussing at themselves for underestimating the sheer amount of people who’d be participating, and sending out press releases to stave off impending damage to their good reputation.
It all came crashing when a massive influx of testers came in the MAG beta at the same time, this caused the servers to overload and everything went downhill from there. According to gamers who are understandably disappointed, when they tried getting on, they couldn’t so if you’re a tester wondering what the hec is going on, you’re not riding the sad ship by yourself.
Mag will be available at the end of January so we’re hoping Zipper Interactive has all under control, and in any case sometimes these things happen to prevent the worst from occurring. It would be a terrible situation if this took place after the game is released, it’s also important to remember that what Zipper is attempting with MAG, which is getting 265 players on the same map at once is no easy challenge and I’m assuming a little tweaking here and there will get things rolling again. Probably they need to add more servers.
Things should be up and running soon.

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