Tuesday, August 20, 2013
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Square Enix changes, console gamers not only target anymore


Phil Rogers, the newly appointed CEO of Square Enix’s American and European branches, was charged with “looking after [Square Enix’s] studio and publishing businesses” in those two territories. In a letter posted on Square Enix’s blog, Rogers spoke to his customers directly, highlighting the company hasn’t done a good job of communicating its strategy as it deals with an industry ... Read More »

Eidos Montreal’s Thief: a respectful remastering somewhere between sequel and reboot


The first words spoken by shadow-hugging anti-hero Garrett in almost a decade are carefully chosen: “I’ve been away, but I couldn’t tell you where.” In that wry, noirish tone of old, they acknowledge his absence and also address the conundrum of bringing him back – the balancing act of continuity and reinvention at which Eidos Montreal proved itself more than ... Read More »

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