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Microsoft Gets Arrogant Before Xbox One Is Out Of The Woods


Microsoft Xbox Director of Product Planning Albert Penello has been let loose by the company to preach the gospel of Xbox One awesomeness, and for a while there he was doing a really good job. In numerous interviews, he spoke about what the Xbox One offers, why they moved too fast with their all-digital plan, and how he was a ... Read More »

Avalanche Studios: PS4 More Powerful Than Xbox One


Following the report on Digital Foundry that revealed that PS4 is 50 percent more powerful than Xbox One, a games developer, namely Avalanche Studios, has confirmed the very thing, telling Edge-Online that Sony’s new machine is indeed more powerful, and its development community more solid. Read More »

PS4 50 Percent More Powerful Than Xbox One – Report


Xbox One’s specs are out in the open. Well, not quite. According to Eurogamer’s tech analysis arm Digital Foundry, Microsoft wasn’t completely forthcoming with the console’s specs at the reveal event, however slip ups by certain members of its hardware branch, and language used during the machine’s unveiling by some executives revealed enough to compare Xbox One and PS4 side-by-side. ... Read More »

Wii U Textures Put PS3 And Xbox 360 To Shame

While the prowess of Nintendo’s latest console, Wii U, is yet unknown, developers who’ve gotten hands on with the machine are beginning to shed some light on the white box. Some say we won’t see much of a difference but others, well others claim it’ll put both PS3 and Xbox 360 to shame in the visual department. The latest talk ... Read More »

Guerrilla – PS3 Not Maxed Out, Still More Room To Maneuver

It’s a beastly machine, we all know that now. PS3 is. The console’s been around for going on five years, and still, according to Guerrilla Games managing director/co-founder Hermen Hulst, there’s much more power to be had, although he’s said in the past that they’d indeed maxed it out. A mistake he won’t make again. Read More »

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