Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Battlefield 3 Rent Server Option Is Killing Multiplayer

Battlefield 3 Rent Server Option Is Killing Multiplayer

DICE needs to do something and do it fast, because the new Rent Your Server option in Battlefield 3 has literally turned the game into a crying mess.

What The Heck Is This?

I turn on my PS3, pop in Battlefield 3 ready to get into some multiplayer action. I head over to quick match, choose Rush and let’s say Strike At Karkand as my game mode and map of choice. When the load up screen appears, I’m no longer on one of DICE’s servers or one the firm rents from an outside company, no, I’m on a server rented by some random gamer from the new “Rent Your Server” option who has written on it “noobs stay out”, or “tactical gamers only”, or “stay off my server if you’re not from America”, or some other rubbish text. Listen, jokers, I did not want to jump on your server, DICE has done the stupidest thing by including servers rented by gamers into the mix so doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get into one, you will.

I don’t even see DICE servers anymore. It’s like they’ve just allowed the game to be ran by anybody. That’s so stupid.

You then get into the game and all the freaking rules are changed! The tickets are down to 30 at starting point, and everything just seems chaotic.

Don’t You Dare Win A Match

The other ridiculous aspect of this if you happen to get on one of these servers, and you most likely will, don’t dare perform above average and get high scores because guess what? you’ll be kicked! Yes, a good bit of my friends have had this very thing happen to them after performing exceptionally well. It’s happened to me, too.

See, these servers a moderated by the folks who rent them! therefore they have the right to change the rules of a game, and kick anybody at anytime. Why would DICE include these rented servers into Battlefield 3 quick match option is beyond me. But it’s even worse. I went looking for a server in the “browse server” section, hoping to find one hosted by DICE and guess what? Nothing.

So last night I tried playing a game or two and it took me over 30 minutes to get into a decent server, and although I played, I had to leave because that server’s admin began changing the rules of the modes. I searched and searched and simply felt DICE wanted to kill Battlefield 3′s MP. That’s all I can say.

No more can you find a decent match because these guys keep changing the rules, so everything feels like a crying mess. No order, just chaos – and it wouldn’t be a problem if these servers were kept private, where friends invite friends to play and what not. But why make something so ruinous available to the entire community? Why have some dude embarrass your community with texts like “No Shotguns”, or “Russian Gamers”, or “Get Off My Server If You’re Not From [insert country here]“? Why, DICE?

Probably it’s because money is being saved, because I hardly see a DICE server in the mix. Maybe they’ve just switched all their servers over to the rented section, so gamers will pay for them instead of EA. I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s the worst time I’ve had playing a multiplayer game, ever.

Change this quick, DICE, or go home.

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  • wicken

    Well I do enjoy playing on rented servers, for example 1000tickets on Metro pure awesome but yeah you are right, I have been kicked and banned too because the idiots who rent the server don’t like to be killed always by me. Anyway I rarely see a DICE server now but if you love them so much why don’t you use Server Browser?

  • foxton

    Your right Ernice this is a complete farce. Ive not personally been kicked yet myself, but like you say its happened to a few of my friends. It has both its advantages and disadvantages.
    some of the pros are that you can have a mixture of game modes without having to change servers, games can flow from conquest, then the next can be rush which is good as it adds a bit of variety without having to quit to the main menu. Another thing is that games can be longer – wether this is a good or a bad thing im not decided yet. Sometimes its good to have longer games to build up more points, make it easier to get certain ribbons and if its a decent even match it can be fun. However if your getting base camped and taking a beating you just wanna get the hell outta there.
    I think the whole rent your server thing is a good idea, but not thought through well enough, like you say there should be an option to choose wether you want to play on a dice server or a rented server. Also the rented server admins have too much power. Kicking someone just because you are beating them or using a claymore when there is a pop up that states do not use claymores is just wrong. You should be able to see exactly what the room rules are before you enter and the rules should not be able be changed mid game.
    I agree that if people are glitching or being abusive on mics or cheating then they can be kicked. In KZ2 anyone in a room could “kick” someone, once a person had 3 “kicks” they were removed from the game. You could also disable certain weapons and classes, for example the USAS or RPGs could be taken off, but you could see what was enabled and disabled before you entered the game.
    I think what they have done is a good idea and decent addition to the MP, but not enough thought has gone into it and they need to release another patch to sort this ASAP!

  • linglingjr

    There will always be an abundent supply of idiots on consoles

  • nick

    then they wonder why COD always sells so well and is always the most played game.
    you make stupid decisions like this of course thats going to happen!
    honestly i wonder at times if companies want their games to sell.
    talk about sabotaging yourself!

  • pokeytel

    I totaly agree thay have f****d it up now.sick of joining games and getting kicked because I shot the host to many times. E.a enough is enough

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