Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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PS4 Saves 6GB of RAM For Games – Report

DualShock 4

Eurogamer’s controversial article concerning PS4 RAM allocation for games and OS, which claims that the console only saves 4.5GB of RAM for games, has been dealt another serious blow today by Brian Provinciano, head of games developer Vblank Entertainment, who has called the article “absolutely false”, and absolutely ridiculous”. Read More »

PS4 Drama:Half Of PS4 RAM Saved For OS, Only 4.5 For Gaming


Yesterday we told you about an article that’d be coming from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry concerning PS4′s RAM. We didn’t know if it’d be good or bad, but it sounded like the latter. Today, it as been rumored by the site that PS4 reserves only 4.5 GB of RAM for games, while another massive 3.5 GB of RAM is saved for OS ... Read More »