Wednesday, September 10, 2014
PS4 Saves 6GB of RAM For Games – Report

PS4 Saves 6GB of RAM For Games – Report

Eurogamer’s controversial article concerning PS4 RAM allocation for games and OS, which claims that the console only saves 4.5GB of RAM for games, has been dealt another serious blow today by Brian Provinciano, head of games developer Vblank Entertainment, who has called the article “absolutely false”, and absolutely ridiculous”.

Provinciano was asked over twitter for his opinion on the matter, and he didn’t hesitate to make his thoughts known.


Provinciano also wrote an article on the matter, giving more insight into the situation, and how baseless the Eurogamer claims are.

So how much RAM does PS4 really allocate for gaming? Sony didn’t say, but a few NeoGAF insiders, who’ve been almost universally right with other rumors, have given hints that up to 6GB of RAM is allocated for gaming on the upcoming console. That’s in direct contraction to Eurogamer’s information.

Thuway said PS4 saves 6GB of Ram for gaming, while another inside on the forum affirmed Thuway’s info: “There are games in development that are using 6 GB of RAM.,” BruceLeeRoy said.

Kagari corroborated both Thuway and BruceLeeRoy’s info.

I’ve already said that whether PS4 only allowed 5GB of RAM for games, that would be enough, as most devs won’t even come near to using 3/4 of it.

On a journalism note, I think, before putting up such an article, that Eurogamer should have checked not only with its sources, but should have dug deeper to see whether there were any holes in the information it was presented, information that’s turned out to be very controversial, completely misguided and, most importantly, not true.

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