Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Report: Killzone 2 was meant to actually be 3


Killzone 2 was originally planned to be Killzone 3, one of the game’s designers has revealed, letting loose the thought that a Playstation 2 entry for the franchise was cancelled. Talking about his career with Pixel Enemy, ex-Guerrilla Games’ David Goldfarb, the now-game director for Payday 2, revealed that he “was the first designer on what was originally Killzone 3 ... Read More »

Halo: Combat Evolved Was Almost A PS2 Exclusive

The things that happen behind the scenes. Things we’d probably never hear about if it wasn’t for some true investigation and hard questioning. I’m sure you’d never think in your wildest dreams that the Xbox’s most popular and important franchise almost became a PS2 exclusive. But it’s true, and if Sony’d played its cards tougher, Halo: Combat evolved would be ... Read More »

PS2 Hits 150 Million Sold Worldwide

In the current console generation, we have what you’d call ‘fanboy wars’ raging on gaming websites across the internet. That’s partly because there’s no clear leader in the race (save the Wii), so fans of Sony are always talking up the PS3’s library, while Xbox 360 gamers turn to Xbox Live as their ‘superior’ online service. But back when the ... Read More »