Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sucker Punch

Quenchables: Sucker Punch Is Laser-Focused On inFamous: Second Son Exclusive For PS4


“Our studio really prizes focus. We’re a one-team studio; we’ve always been that. Anything that steals focus from that is something that we’re trying to eliminate, whether that’s starting a second team to work on another game, or working on another platform simultaneously. All of those things compete for our focus, so we’re very driven by the ability to isolate ... Read More »

inFamous: Second Son listed for April release


Found by VG24/7, a listing on GameStop reveals inFamous: Second Son might be released in North America on April 1, 2014. No April Fool’s there — it’s a Tuesday, a release day. While it could be a placeholder, keep it in mind until Sony and Sucker Punch reveal the official date. Until then, have a look at some gameplay footage ... Read More »