Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Destiny Has Gone Gold – Ready For Sept. 9 Launch

Destiny Has Gone Gold – Ready For Sept. 9 Launch

Bungie’s epic adventure dubbed Destiny has finally gone gold, however this is only the start according the developing, as they begin even more work on other offerings of the game.

“This week at Bungie, we entered the home stretch,” wrote community manager David Dague.

He added: “The development of Destiny has been a race with many milestones. All along the way, there was always a feeling that this team was sprinting from one finish line to the next. Another new build. A live fire exercise with friends and family. A mass public showcase.

“Now, we’re very close to launch – the final weeks. This next milestone carries a heavier weight of finality. Destiny is Gold. Discs are being pressed and packed into crates. Destiny is done, in some respects. Even now, so close to the end, it still feels like we’re just getting started.”

Dague added: “Though Destiny may be basking in the gold light of release, we’re already looking ahead to the next milestone, and the next one after that.”

The first expansion pack, The Dark Below, launches on all platforms this December.

Destiny launches September 9 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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